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The Country of the Rising Sun

The Japanese word for Japan is "Nihon", which means "the origin of the sun". If you travel all the way to the East, from where the solar sphere rises every morning, you will find another group of islands, with an ancient culture and a very rich economy; and most importantly, tons of get things to teach to the Western world.

Japan has a culture and as a country has been alive for many centuries, and has created a very unique identity. Very much like us, this is an insular nation, so even if it has had some exchange with other countries and cultures in the past, it has always been centered on itself and conserved its traditions. There is a strong sense of identity among the Japanese people, and they have shielded their values and transmitted them from generation to generation, becoming who they are today: an inspiration and an example to many, including us Britons. 

A cultural exchange with Japan is enriching for any country, and they have so much to teach us, about ways into success and national solidity, ancient values and wisdom, and a very unique - and powerful - appreciation of the big and small things of the world. They are masters of persistence, love for their work and respect for who they are. Many people here are looking towards the Country of the Rising Sun in hopes to nourish on some of that ancient wisdom. And they are willing to teach.

Making the connection

The Japanese are very generous and interested when it comes to sharing their culture with whoever is willing to learn about it and appreciate it. There are plenty of international associations that work to build bridges between Japan and other nations, and they are always scouting for students or professionals who want to contribute to this cultura exchange. There are plenty of Japanese Government Scholarships as well as other Japanese scholarships for higher studies and language studies. These institutions and government organisations are always offering experiences and courses for foreign people, in hopes to show their ancient legacy to the world and share all their precious values with the global community. From technical scolarships to diplomatic scolarships, cultural immersion programmes and work exchange, and the list goes on and on.

Is is actually inspiring to see how Japan stimulates education, and this is proof that the country didn’t reach its level of progress, development and prosperity by chance. The Japanese society strongly valorates and protects high levels of education and care for their tasks, and these measures start from the very beginning. Enough to say that there is a train station in the north of Japan that has recently closed because the region was almost desert and nobody was using the train stop. However, it was active the last years simply because there was one girl who used it to go to school. That’s how commited the Japanese people are to education, and if we learn from them and follow their example, we might see great changes in our culture and economy in the years to come.

The Daiwa Foundation

Those who are interested in making contact with the Japanese culture should contact the Daiwa Ango-Japanese foundation. The purpose of DAJF is to help develop and support a closer link and a wider exchange between Great Britain and Japan. In itself, the Foundation is a charity, and it is financially supported by Daiwa Securities. 

The Daiwa Foundation organises cultural events every year, aiming to show the Japanese culture to the British people and form stonger bonds between the two nations, in hopes that these links will be kept and developed more and more. In its headquarters in London, it organizes book presentations, lectures, workshops, seminars and many other activities aimed at sharing the Japanese culture with the British people. The Daiwa Foundation has headquarters in Tokyo, too, where it presents the British culture to those Japanese people who are interested in learning more about it. Also, it grants scolarships to British people who want to go to study in Japan or learn more about the Japanese culture. 

You can contact the Daiwa Foundation Tel: 0844 850 0145 or by calling the number on display on top of this article. This number will let you learn about upcoming activities and seminars held at the London headquarters, and you can also inquire about scolarship programms or any other grant you might be interested in. Please note that call charges may apply, when calling 0844 numbers please be advised that extra call charges apply more than normal local rates, of up to 7p per minute.

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Rupert S. Mason
Mason Cultural Center

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Teresa H. Singer

“When we bought the site for our new branch, we decided to go with Paul Daiwa Construction after seeing their body of work and we are very pleased that we chose them. The building is exactly as what we had asked them. We recommend them to anyone and everyone.... read more >>

Bryan T. Winds & Kate T. Winds

“When we bought the site for our new branch, we decided to go with Paul Daiwa Construction after seeing their body of work and we are very pleased that we chose them. The building is exactly as what we had asked them. We recommend them to anyone and everyone.... read more >>